About me

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak"

- Hans Hofmann -

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My name is Ben Brewer and I'm a Senior User Experience Designer from Kent Suffolk now working in London. 

I've been working as a UX designer on a wide range of products since 2012, before that working as a UI designer for 2 years after I completed my Graphic Design BA Hons Degree. My passion is not only digital, but creating entire experiences that people love, something that puts a smile on a customers face and makes them come back again and again.

I love the outdoors (probably has something to do with coming from Suffolk), so you'll often find me out on my mountain bike, playing tennis or going for a run. I'm also a complete camera nerd (view photos on Flickr) so I'll usually have a camera in my hand too! Oh and did I mention that I'm Knight Riders' #1 fan!?

What I know

Responsive Web, iOS, Android, Smart TV, Accessibility, Print Design, Photography, User Testing, Research, UX Design, UI Design, Strategy, Problem Solving, Ergonomics, Psycology, Agile, Lean UX, Prototyping, Storyboarding, Experience Maps.

Who I've worked with

Sainsbury's (current), Saffron Digital; ITV, KDDI, Carrefour, BT, BMW, T-Systems, MGM, Tribeca film festival, HTC, Samsung, Vodaphone.

Get in touch

Please doesn't hesitate to get in touch via LinkedIn to discuss any future projects, for any more information or to just say hello!

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