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Role: UX Designer. Platforms: Responsive web

Data showed us that users were viewing many different store detail pages during each visit, often not finding the information they wanted leading to them calling the help centre. Our task was to identify the information customers were looking for, and optimise the UX for these scenarios.

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Understanding the problem

We carried out a broad range of research to help us understand customer pain points. We looked through Twitter to see the types of questions customers were asking us, we used heat maps to see where customers were clicking on our existing store locator site, and analysed call logs to see how often customers are calling us to to ask for store information, and the correlation this had with seasonal events.

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User scenarios

Through research we found that Black Friday was a trigger point for customers visiting the store locator site, wanting to see which stores stocked Black Friday deals and what time the store opens in the morning. We started to map out the user journey for customers who were actively searching for Black Friday, and those who stumbled across it.

Group (4)Group (4)

An optimised journey

Once we understood our customer needs, we designed an optimised journey for these scenarios. We wanted to make store opening times more visible by displaying them earlier in the journey, show which stores offer Black Friday deals, and add in a ‘Directions’ feature.

Data confirmed that the new UX decreased page views by 62%, decreased time on site by 20%, and decreased calls to the help centre by 30%.

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Thinking in context

Once we had our new and improved store locator UX, we needed to consider it within the context of a larger customer mission, in this case Black Friday. We worked with the Homepage team to place a banner in the main carousel, pushing people to the store locator site to complete their mission of finding their closest Black Friday store. We included visible filtering on the store listings page, shown below, so customers could easily identify these stores.

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