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Role: UX Designer. Platforms: iOS, Responsive web.

Keeping kids entertained on a long car journey is tricky. The ‘MyKidio’ app is here to solve that problem. Parents simply set up a video playlist on their iPhone, set the age range for their child, and content is automatically downloaded to the device so there’s always fresh content to watch. The iPad then connects to the BMW iDrive system, so kids can sit back and watch while being driven to school.

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We started off by trying to understand the issues parents have when driving with their kids. They told us that they simply didn’t have time to download videos or games for them to play, so we came up with a playlist solution. Similar to apps such as Spotify, new content automatically downloads and deletes videos that have already been watched, removing all of the effort from the parents.

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Paper prototyping

We built many paper prototypes, which allowed us to quickly validate many of our hypothesis. Inevitably a lot of them failed to start with, but by operating in such a lean way we were able to learn and improve without wasting any time at all.


Iterating our designs

We designed various different versions of the playlist feature, trying to make it as intuitive as possible. We worked cloesly with the client, and parents to test different options. One thing we discovered was that parents wanted to be able to set a specific age range so appropriate content would be downloaded for their children, so we designed this feature as part of the app.


Complex interactions

Due to the complexity of the product, we need to produce detailed documentation to show the expected behaviours depending on the state of the application. For example, the various download states an item could be in, from where the item is stored, to what happens on tap.

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