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Role: UX/UI designer. Platforms: Responsive web, iOS.

Going on holiday abroad is great, but missing your favourite shows from back home sucks! ITV Essentials is here to solve that problem. Aimed at two different demographics, one being expats who have moved abroad, and the other being holiday makers going away for a week or two. Subscribe and pay a small monthly fee, and you’ll have access to all of your favourite ITV shows either on your phone or laptop to view whenever you like.

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Different audiences

Talking to our two different target audiences allowed us to discover that different subscription models would work best for them. Expats wanted a monthly subscription service that auto renewed each month, whereas holiday makers wanted access for a single month which did not auto renew.

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Keeping things simple

Testers told us that they wanted something super simple to use, something that doesn’t take ages to navigate through to find something to watch, and also something that doesn’t take up lots of space on their device. Therefore, it was important for us to create a simple and intuitive IA that allowed customers to move around from show to show easily. We carried out card sorting exercises with testers to help build our site structure.

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Using our atomic framework

This was another project where we were able to make use of the atomic framework and component library that we had previously built. From this, we extracted modules such as carousels to build up our homepage and how customers could navigate the service. Feedback from testers was extremely positive, praising how we’d listened to their earlier requests and made content accessible from the start, allowing them to immediately see large imagery, titles, and with a single swipe browse more from a show.

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The conversion funnel

Being a subscription service, it was vital that we carefully constructed the sign up journey to maximise conversion. We tested several different versions, from a single page to a progressive stepped journey. Our results showed that the stepped journey increased conversion and testers told us that they perceived this approach to be faster and simpler, which was great news for us.

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The sad path

Due to this being a video streaming service in another country, we had to design for cases where customers were outside of an approved territory and attempted playback. We documented these journeys in flows for the client to sign off and for our developers to build from.

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