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Carrefour Nolim Films



Role: UX Designer. Platforms: iOS, Android, Responsive web.

One of the largest projects I’ve worked on, Carrefour wanted us to design and build an online movie and TV service, allowing their customers to stream and download thousands of hours of content to their PC, Smartphone or Tablet. It was a fantastic opportunity to build such a large service in house from scratch.


The decision making process

In order for us to design a compelling service that could compete with all of the other media services out there, we wanted to understand the information that customers found important when deciding what to watch. We used various techniques including card sorting to measure the relative importance and then fed this into our designs, from influence and recommendations, to inspiration and habit.

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Atomic design

After our initial discovery period, we followed the Agile methodology, working closely with the client and our in house development team to design and build each of the features for our MVP. We tried to eliminate waste by designing components, similar to the Atomic framework, allowing the designers and developers to reuse the same templates, components and atoms in different ways across the product.


Designing for various user scenarios

Customers would be using this product in a variety of different situations. We needed to design for each of these, often creating user flows to document complex solutions within the app. In this example, a customer is trying to stream a video over their mobile network, so we need to perform various actions to make sure they’re in a supported country and are aware of any data costs they might incur.

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Validating our designs

We used different techniques throughout the project to validate our designs. We often paired with developers, ran user testing sessions in the office with paper prototypes and heatmapping software, had frequent ‘design studio’ sessions allowing all members of the team to contribute, and spent a lot of time doing competitor analysis.