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What Leap Motion And Google Glass Mean For Future User Experience

This article makes you think about the future of interaction and user experiences, interesting read!


"With the Leap Motion controller being released on July 22nd and the Google Glass Explorer program already live, it is obvious that our reliance on the mouse or even the monitor to interact with the Web will eventually become obsolete".

"Picture yourself walking out of the mall, and your close friend Jon updates his status. A red icon appears in the top right of your field of vision. Your watch displays Jon’s avatar, which says, “Sooo hungry right now.”
You say, “OK, Glass. Update status: How about lunch? What do you want?” and keep walking.
You say, “OK, Glass. Where can I get good Mexican food?” 40 friends have favorably rated Rosa’s Cafe. Would you like directions? “Yes.” The navigation starts, and you’re en route.
You reach the cafe, but Jon is 10 minutes away. Would you like an audiobook while you wait? “No, play music.” A smart playlist compiles exactly 10 minutes of music that perfectly fits your mood.
“OK, Glass. Play Angry Birds 4.”
Across the table, 3-D versions of the little green piggies and their towers materialize.
In front of you are a red bird, a yellow bird, two blue birds and a slingshot. The red bird jumps up, you pull back on the slingshot, the trajectory beam shows you a path across the table, you let go and knock down a row of bad piggies".


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