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Why you should enclose the checkout process

By Graham Charlton

Reasons for enclosing the checkout

When reviewing e-commerce websites, one of the areas I always look at in whether retailers have isolated the checkout. This is the rationale behind it:

  • By leaving out navigational elements, all unnecessary distractions are removed and this allows the shopper to focus purely on completing their purchase.
  • Thanks to the removal of these distractions, information which gives the visitor confidence in their purchase is made more prominent, such as delivery details and customer service contact details.
  • Security logos and messages are more visible, providing reassurances for the security-conscious shopper.
  • It is made absolutely clear to visitors where they are within the checkout process and how many steps they have left to complete their purchase.
  • Apart from the homepage link, customers can only head in one direction, towards the payment and order confirmation page.

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