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Email drives almost two thirds of mobile conversions


"There are two main reasons for email being so dominant in driving mobile conversions:"

(1) Remarketing emails carry identity and context across devices

"A consumer that browses on a desktop device but doesn’t purchase, and then receives a remarketing email will more than likely open it on their mobile device – more than 50% of consumer emails are now opened on a mobile device. Clicking through from the email passes both their identity (in the form of their email address) as well as products they were browsing or were added to their online shopping cart. This enables the shopping cart to be reconstructed on the mobile device, recreating the desktop session and enabling them to pick up from where they left off. The passed through identity also means that the session can be personalized, and when it comes to checking out, eliminates the need to enter account (and possibly payment and address) details."

(2) Email eliminates searching on a small screen

"Users search for products, add them to the shopping cart and convert on desktop devices and tablets in similar ways. On smartphones however their behaviour is very different: only 8% of sessions result in a product being added cart, reflecting the increased difficulty in searching for and choosing products on small screen. However, clicking through from an email eliminates this search process completely, especially where a remarketing email is used."

Read more: http://seewhy.com/email-drives-thirds-mobile-conversions/

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