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Build It With The User in Mind: How to Design User Flow


"In order to design the best possible user flow, you need to understand the visitor and his motivations. Start by answering these questions:"

  • What needs or desires do your visitors have? Which problem do they want to solve?
  • Why do they need it?
  • What qualities (about your product or service) are most important to them?
  • What are all the questions they have about the product?
  • What are their doubts or hesitations?
  • What information do they need to take action?
  • What’s their emotional hotspot to propel them towards taking action?

"In order to answer these questions, you need to talk to your customers (or your clients’, if you’re a service provider). You can’t just pull the answers out of thin air. Yes, you should use buyer personas, but those should be based on actual customers and their needs."

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