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10 children’s app trends for 2014


One particularly interesting point...

YouTube filters and other video apps

"Children’s videos are massive on YouTube, as a glance at the charts for its most popular channels will tell you: DC Toys Collector, Stampy and Little Baby Bum are all fixtures in the top 10 for the entire site. Yet as a parent, YouTube can still be problematic when your children are watching it: if you’re not breathing down their neck throughout, it’s easy to end up on inappropriate videos."

"In 2015, we’re going to see more attempts to provide child-friendly filters on YouTube as apps, whether focusing on particular niches like nursery rhymes or Minecraft, or more general curators. Plus more of those YouTube channels will launch their own apps, aiming for a slot on parents’ homescreens, and the growth of Angry Birds’ ToonsTV – four billion views and counting – will continue."

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