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The smarter way to shop

Role: UX Designer. Platforms: iOS, Android, Handset, Responsive Web.

The biggest frustration customers have when shopping in store are the queues. SmartShop was born to help solve that problem by allowing customers to scan, pack and pay at a dedicated checkout. I was the sole UX designer on the project, pairing with a UI designer, and working within the scrum team to help refine the vision, focus on the customer problem of 'avoiding the queues', and roll out to multiple stores.  The role was incredibly varied, helping design all parts of the in-store journey, alongside store formats, retail and marketing.

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Experience mapping

The first thing I noticed when working on the project was the lack of understanding of the customer problem. I ran workshops with the team and our customers to create this experience map, which helped us understand what our customers wanted, and where there were opportunities to deliver value.

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Storyboarding the vision

Something else the product needed was a vision and strategy. I carried out research with the team to help understand the future of in-store shopping, and asked customers what they wanted from SmartShop. We then created a series of storyboards to help convey our vision to stakeholders and other teams. 

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Wireframes and flows

I researched, designed, and validated many aspects of the SmartShop experience, from the iOS and Android apps, to the in-store handset, and the reporting dashboard. These varied from sketches when paired with a developer, to detailed flows and prototypes. Quite often we’d have a ‘design studio’ session where team members came together to help solve a customer problem.

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