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Copying Others Is Not The Answer


A really good interview with UX designer Nancy Dickenson.

“Know the user, and know you’re not the user.”

"Many companies confuse design thinking and design — design thinking is user-centered, strategic, creative problem-solving. That is a skill that all product roles should take part in. UX designers should be positioned to lead design thinking because they also bring their specific designer skills, knowledge and talent to both strategizing and executing great products"

"Too often, companies think that copying Apple is the answer. I’ve heard executives say, “Go hire me a bunch of Steve Jobs.” That would be a disaster for 99% of companies. The answer is to focus on targeting the company challenges that UX is best suited to drive solutions for. For some companies, that might be giving UX authority to determine which new features will delight users and drive buzz (word of mouth), or which new features have the best chance of driving faster user-adoption rates and/or sustaining longer user-loyalty metrics."


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