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Top 10 Articles on ConversionXL in 2014

10#: Testing The Hamburger Icon for More Revenue
Most websites use the hamburger navigation icon to display the menu as it’s become a default option for this. Is that a good idea? There’s a good chance that it’s not.

Author: Peep Laja

9#: How & Why You Should Invest In Getting Good Testimonials w/ Examples
If you’re not investing in testimonials right now, you need to read this.

Author: Tommy Walker

8#: How Creating a Sense of Urgency Helped Me Increase Sales By 332%
I managed to increase my conversion rate from 2.5% to 10.8%. The single largest factor here was increasing the amount of scarcity and urgency.

Author: Marcus Taylor

7#: Mastering The Call To Action – Words, Color, Size & Location
Almost 30% of all A/B tests their customers are running are Call To Action button tests – but most tests fail. Here’s how to make it work.

Author: Ott Niggulis

6#: 7+ Under-Utilized Google Analytics Reports for Conversion Insights
You can find insights for conversion optimization from lots of different reports & some of the juicier reports are lesser known.

Author: Peep Laja

5#: How To Come Up With A Value Proposition When What You Sell ISN’T Unique
You’ve got too many competitors, they’re selling the same stuff, and it looks like all the good value propositions are taken. What can you do?

Author: Tommy Walker

4#: 12 A/B Split Testing Mistakes I See Businesses Make All The Time
A/B testing is fun. However, there’s actually more to it than just setting up a test. Tons of companies are wasting their time and money by making these 12 mistakes.

Author: Peep Laja

3#: How To Calculate & Increase Customer Lifetime Value
That it costs 5-7x more to acquire a customer than it does to retain one isn’t entirely true.

Author: Tommy Walker

2#: How to Design an eCommerce Checkout Flow That Converts
The checkout flow is where the money is at.

Author: Peep Laja

Most popular, #1: The Landing Page Optimization Guide You Wish You’ve Always Had
A list of resources that can be applied specifically to landing page optimization, found here on ConversionXL & from other great websites around the web.

Author: Tommy Walker

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How to Build a Strong A/B Testing Plan That Gets Results

By Jaan-Matti Lillevälja

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure you are getting actionable data from Google Analytics – To make use of data, you need to have goals first. Define your target metrics.
  • Use qualitative surveys – Besides knowing what is going on, you also need to know why.
  • Segment – It’s the only way to get information that is actually valuable.
  • Prioritize – Test pages with higher potential first.
  • Form a hypothesis – A/B testing has to start from a clearly defined hypothesis.
  • Statistical relevance – Never stop split testing before reaching a significance percentage of at least 95%.
  • Never stop testing – No matter how well your landing pages or e-mails may be doing, they can always do better.
  • A/B testing is part of a conversion rate optimization framework – Pick a framework and work on it constantly to maximize your site’s potential.

Other useful links;

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Why You Should Kill the Hamburger

"We now have data that suggests Sidebar menus—sometimes called Hamburger Menus/Basements—might be causing more harm than good."

The Problems

  1. Lower Discoverability
  2. Less Efficient
  3. Clash with Platform Navigation Patterns
  4. Not Glanceable

Below are links that analyse this data further.

Kill The Hamburger Button

by Josh Constine

Why and How to avoid Hamburger Menus

by Luis Abreu

UX designers: Side drawer navigation could be costing you half your user engagement


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CAPTCHA Alternatives

"Perhaps the most loathed of all Internet security measures, a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) attempts to weed out bots from legitimate users by presenting a test that is easy for a human, but difficult or impossible for a computer."

"CAPTCHAs are a nice idea in theory. They’re meant to keep spam comments at bay and prevent bots from harvesting email addresses. They’re also very commonplace; according to Luis von Ahn, one of the creators of CAPTCHA, about 200 million CAPTCHAs are completed every day. But they present some serious user experience problems. We tested the CAPTCHA experience with our panel, and here’s what we learned:"