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Bacon Ipsum

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The Usability of a Web Mapping Application with a Million Rows of Data

Illustreets is a property location research tool for those looking to move home in England. At its core, it is a web mapping application which embeds governmental open data into a series of dynamic layers created with CartoDB. The application has been designed to allow the exploration of any area in England, whilst getting on-the-fly local information. At the same time, full details about a particular location can be obtained by clicking on the map or searching for an address.


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Inair – The worlds 1st augmented television

InAiR turns your TV into a Minority Report-like experience, with layers of Web content, inline with the programs you're watching.

With InAir plugged in, your TV becomes an Augmented Television. You can turn any ordinary television into a new and wonderful medium, filled with rich and dynamic information from the Web. InAiR uses your TV screen and layers in additional content from the Web and social media.


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” – Henry Ford, #

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UX Designer, Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

User experience design is so more than what the market thinks it is.

Aaah, the User Experience (UX) designer. So hot right now.

Behind the trendy vocabulary, there is a a big misunderstanding between what the market have come to name a UX designer, and what user experience design really is. More often that not, the description for a UX designer job is indeed a User Interface (UI) designer position. It has been widely discussed in articles like this one, this one or this one,(along with many, many more). My own text has been inspired by this article.
Even those descriptions containing words like wireframing, user testing and persona creation; while these terms are part of the UX design skillset, it does not make one a UX designer. This is still relevant for a UI designer
Here’s why.